For training with Marlins there are various pieces of equipment that is required.  Please refer to your starter pack for a guide to what you will need for the squad that you are joining.

See below for examples of what can be required:

- Float    Generic Swimming Kickboard Training Aid Swim Board Exercise Equipment for  Beach Surfing Summer, Pink : Sports & Outdoors      - Short Fins Swim Training Fin, Silicone Swimming Flippers Comfortable Diving Flipper  Snorkel Training Fins Swimming Training Equipment for Men Women L : Sports & Outdoors                            - goggles  Swimming Equipments And Their Uses For Beginners and Teachers  - Pull Buoy  swim training – Water Warrior

- Hand Paddles  Orca Flat Paddle Training Accessory | Orca   - Snorkel     9 Pieces of Swimming Gear Every Serious Swimmer Should Have –                    - Mesh kit bag  TYR Alliance Mesh Equipment Bag Royal | Ness Swimwear- Swim hat  Results for swim caps in Sports and fitness, Swimming, Swimming equipment

There are numerous suppliers that you can purchase the equipment from.  We would recommend:

- Proswimwear - - *** using this link will help raise funds for Marlins and they have good deals also ***

- Allens of Kingsbury -

- Sportyswim -

We do have our own logo swim hats that you are expected to buy for your swimmer to use for all training.  These can be obtained from any Teacher/Coach or committee member.  We also have drinks bottles available.

For those swimmers that compete we have a Marlins Pink Swim hat, this is not compulsory but most swimmers have adopted it, we found that its easier for our coaches/team manager to easily see where our swimmers are and for spectators to spot their/our swimmers easier as there are not many clubs that have pink hats.

There is also Marlins clothing, which is provided by Zeon.  We have set times when we are able to order, which will be communicated via email & facebook, again it is not compulsory for you to purchase but we would recommend that you buy at least a shirt for the many photos taken at meets which are published on our facebook/website and newspapers.  Please keep an eye on Facebook as outgrown shirts do come up for sale.  Please see below link for Zeon that provide our clothing:

March Marlins SC Evo365 Junior Unisex Pool-Side ShirtMarch Marlins SC NEW Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt JrMarch Marlins SC Unisex Poolside Short Junior

March Marlin Skinny Pants - Junior Sizes